About Karen


I’ve always loved reading and writing. One favorite childhood book was LET PAPA SLEEP!, about a pair of lively bunny children whose dad was “trying” to take a nap. 

It reminded me so much of my own dad, who had a hard time sneaking in a nap in a busy household with three children underfoot. So, maybe that’s why the first poem I ever wrote had a bunny theme. It went something like this:

A bunny has a small pink nose

And fluffy fur he wears for clothes

With long white ears and little toes

He loves to hop wherever he goes

Well, my second grade teacher loved this poem and that was the first time I ever thought that maybe someday I could be an author. Fast forward many years. I grew up, went to college, got married, became a teacher and raised a daughter and two sons. When my children began to leave the nest, it seemed like the perfect time to jumpstart my writing dreams.

A Dream Come True

My first published story, Gyrating Gyroscopes (AppleSeeds, April 2014), was extra special because my third grade class was featured in the magazine, too! They had their pictures taken, participated in a survey, saw the issue being built in stages and received their own copies. We celebrated our debut with a magazine launch party.

I was spotlighted on the school district’s website and our local radio station, KHTS, interviewed me! 

The biggest surprise was a call from the Horace Mann Company! After hearing my radio interview, they wanted to honor me as part of their #TeachItForward program. I was recognized on their website, presented with a certificate, a $100 Visa Gift Card and a popcorn party for my whole class. What a wonderful way to break into publishing!

I write full-time now. My first two picture books, MOON BABIES, illustrated by Amy Hevron (Putnam, 2019) and WOODLAND DREAMS, illustrated by Marc Boutavant (Chronicle, 2020) are coming out soon and more are on the way. I’m so excited to see where this writing adventure leads me. And to think, it all started with a bunny!

Short Bio

Karen Jameson is the author of the lyrical picture books MOON BABIES (Putnam, 2019), WOODLAND DREAMS (Chronicle, 2020), and FARM LULLABY (Chronicle, 2021). More stories are in the works! She was awarded the 2016 Sue Alexander Grant for the Working Writers Retreat (SCBWI LA) for her rhyming picture book, WOODLAND DREAMS.  A retired teacher and active member of SCBWI, she holds a master’s degree in education.  Lover of books, wildflowers, farmers’ markets and everything chocolate, Karen lives and works in sunny, Southern California.

Meet the Grandpets!

I’m a pet grandma. When my kids were growing up, they had a succession of cute hamsters. Now that they’re on their own, there’s been a bit of a pet explosion! I love visiting the grandpets, hearing about their antics and viewing new pictures and posts. Take a gander at my adorable grandbirdy, grandguinea pigs and grandpuppies. Who knows? Maybe they’ll star in one of my books someday!