Time to Shine

TIME TO SHINE is a nonfiction picture book that explores how animals use iridescence to survive and thrive in nature. From the mallard duck’s shining green flying “cap,” to the reed frog’s heat-reflecting “vest,” to the hummingbird’s sequined “costume,” each animal uses its iridescence for a specific purpose.

Illustrator: Dave Murray

Groundwood, April 5, 2022


A nonfiction animal book all about iridescence.

Readers will learn how iridescent animals use their skin, feathers, and scales for a variety of purposes. From protecting themselves to attracting fellow critters to just relaxing, iridescent organisms use their flashy colors to survive and thrive. The book examines how these insects, amphibians, birds, and underwater creatures adapt to the world around them. The rhyming text will hook children and compel them to keep turning the pages. Every double-page spread contains a supplementary fact that gives the reader more insight into the featured animal. The digital illustrations employ bold shapes and brilliant colors that attract the eye. With its diverse set of creatures, short informational blurbs, and flamboyant color, this book is a good choice for a library’s featured nonfiction display…

Kirkus Review

Eye-popping color bursts from each page in this picture book about the science of iridescence in the animal world. You’ll be dazzled by the flash of feathers, scales, shells and skin, examples of this adaptation that allows animals to survive by standing out or blending in. The brilliant colors are important for communication, defense and even to make energy. Many of the animals shown will be familiar—butterflies, dragonflies, mallard ducks, peacocks, hummingbirds and fish—while a few may be less known (reed frog, rainbow boa, jumping spider).The rhyme and rhythm are perfect in the couplets that reflect facts presented in short inserts. The lyrical language makes Time to Shine a wonderful read-aloud…

Canadian Review of Materials